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Black Mountain Diversity  

Our Black Mountain Family is remarkably diverse.  Our student and staff population represents many different cultures and languages.  We are grateful for the richness this brings, empowering our community and creating a stronger Home Field Advantage.  At Black Mountain, we strive to respect, learn about, and celebrate what makes us uniquely different as individuals and what binds us together as one Black Mountain Family.  Maya Angelou once said, “We all should know that diversity makes for a rich tapestry, and we must understand that all the threads of the tapestry are equal in value no matter what their color.”  We encourage you to learn more about the cultures and unique celebrations that are encompassed within our community.

Black Mountain Middle School is proud to celebrate Black History Month.  Here is our plan for Black History Month:
Our Big IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Awareness) Committee created a video to share with our community why it is important to celebrate Black History Month.  It is on YouTube, will be shared with parents on Sunday and with students on our school broadcast on Monday.  Check it out here
Racial Justice Challenge: In Homeroom, BMMS will introduce the Racial Justice Challenge.  Students are challenged to pick one of the two options below...Create a performance piece to help our community understand the message of an Amanda Gorman poem or Design a creative response to these Questions for Action.  The Challenge will be an optional assignment sent to all students through Canvas in February 2021. Submissions due March 5.  No grades will be associated with the Challenge.
Homeroom Lessons:  During Homeroom in February, various stories celebrating African American contributions to America will be shared.  We plan to highlight some stories that historically haven’t been shared.     
One of our BMMS students who is in the Big IDEA Committee created a watch list for families to celebrate Black History Month.  Here it is...Way to go Rontae!

 Hispanic Heritage Month  Constitution Day  Bullying Prevention Month
Hispanic Heritage Month
September 15-October 15
Constitution Day
September 17
Bullying Prevention Month
October 1-31
LGBT Filipino Heritage Month  Italian American Heritage & Culture Month
LGBT History Month
October 1-31
Filipino Heritage Month
October 1-31
Italian American Heritage &
Culture Month
October 1-31
 American Indian Heritage Month  African American History Month
American Indian Heritage Month
November 1-30
African American History Month
February 1-29
Women’s History Month
March 1-31
Irish American Heritage Month
March 1-31
Autism Awareness Month
April 1-30
Arab American Heritage Month
April 1-30
Jewish American Heritage Month  Asian Pacific American Heritage Month  
Jewish American Heritage Month
May 1-31
Asian Pacific American Heritage Month
May 1-31