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Black Mountain Middle School Teacher Directory

Main School Phone Number: (858) 484-1300 Fax: (858) 538-9440
24-hour Attendance Hotline: (858) 484-1300 extension 1
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Name Subject Email
Erika Andersen Science [email protected]
Alex Anella Math [email protected]
Marisa Bajenski RSP [email protected]
Sara Baldwin Art [email protected]
Rachel Banuelos Math [email protected]
David Brumbaugh SDC/Math [email protected]
Lindsey Barker Math [email protected]
Cindy Born Math [email protected]
Danielle Brown 7G Humanities/AVID Excel 6/ELD [email protected]
Marina Burkett 8G Humanities [email protected]
Simeon Cowart PAL [email protected]
Caroline Crandall PE [email protected]
James Crooks Science [email protected]
Rebecca Cudal Math [email protected]
David Dannecker Science [email protected]
Rose Dotran Science/Academy [email protected]
Nancy Fassler RSP [email protected]
Christina Frangos Math [email protected]
Erin Furtak PE/AVID Excel 7/8 [email protected]
Arlene Gapusan 8G Humanities/Academy [email protected]
Julie Garcia Math/Academy [email protected]
Christina Gonzalez 6G Humanities/Academy [email protected]
Linda Ha Science/Gateway to Tech 1 [email protected]
Katonyia Hammond RSP  
Eric Huff Math/Academy [email protected]
David Johansen PE [email protected]
Christell Kaun Science [email protected]
Kevin Kendrick Art [email protected]
Julie Kern 8G Humanities [email protected]
Leslie Kerrigan Science/Gateway to Tech 2 [email protected]
Brian Kooiman PE [email protected]
Mike Lantz 7G Humanities/Digital Photography [email protected]
Kelly Logan 6G Humanities [email protected]
Julie Malmquist 8G Humanities/Academy [email protected]
Angel Mendoza RSP [email protected]
Smita Mittal Science/Academy [email protected]
Karina Padilla Spanish [email protected]
Brittany Patton RSP [email protected]
Melinda Pinkerton 7G Humanities/Academy [email protected]
Lucy Qi  Mandarin Chinese [email protected]
Jeff Ranoa PE/Digital Media/Broadcast Journalism [email protected]
Julie Reshatoff 8G Humanities [email protected]
Danielle Reyes 8G AVID/Social Studies [email protected]
Ron Scipio Band/Academy [email protected]
Stephanie Sgambelluri 7G Humanities/AVID [email protected]
Kayleigh Slavin Math [email protected]
Emilee Smith 7G Humanities [email protected]
Laura Stainer RSP [email protected]
Katie Stromayer 6G Humanities/ASB [email protected]
Erin Telles 6G Humanities [email protected]
Kim Treloar 7G Humanities [email protected]
Carly Walsh Choir/Orchestra [email protected]
Julia Wilson 7G Humanities [email protected]
Katie Woodruff Band Assistant [email protected]