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Program Info

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Black Mountain Middle School ASES Before and After School Program

Main Office: BMMS MPR Office
ASES Program Supervisor: Jireh Advincula
ASES Program Lead: Valeria Cervantes
Office Phone: (858) 484-1300 ext. 3077 or ext. 3079 (Jireh)
Cell Phone: (858) 922-6985

 instagram @bmms.ases  @pusd.epic.ases

What is ASES?

ASES (After School Education and Safety) is a grant funded program that provides a safe and fun place for students to participate educational and enriching activities at BMMS before and after school. We work hard to make the program a great place for students.

Activities Before School:
Our Before School program is a great place for students to finish up homework or studying. Students have access to Chromebooks, school supplies, and school textbooks. Students have freedom to play board games, enjoy a movie, or just socialize with friends. Students will also have the opportunity to get their legs moving in the gym with Basketball, Team Ball, Volleyball and other fun organized games.

Activities After School:
  • Homework Help: On-campus spaces are open for ASES students to work on homework and receive tutoring support from staff. Both rooms provide access to computers and school textbooks.
  • Sports: Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Flag Football, Wrestling, Street Hockey, and more!
  • Arts: Mosaics, Arts and Crafts, Dance, Karaoke, Anime' Culture, Cooking, etc.
  • STEM: VEX & LEGO Robotics, Kahoot! Challenges, Solar Tech, Sphero Coding, and more to come!
  • Other Fun Activities: Escape Rooms, Card Sharks, Scavenger Hunts, Wii Tournaments, etc.
How to Enroll:
We are currently intaking new and returning students for the 2021-2022 school year until our program is full. If you are interested in enrolling your student, please complete paperwork found on our registration page and email it back or drop it off on campus. You will be contacted with information on program availability.

Priority shall go to pupils who are identified by the program as homeless youth, as defined by the federal McKinney - Vento homeless Assistance Act (42 U.S.C. Sec. 11434a), at the time that they apply or at any time during the school year, and to pupils who are identified by the program as being in foster care. Second priority for enrollment will be given to students who can attend the full day every day.